Website Strategies & Discovery Process

We get to know your business and understand what it needs from a website. If it’s a first, we explain the process from start to finish. For existing sites, we learn what works and what doesn't. What needs updating or expansion. Then we craft a plan using the best website solutions for your needs.


Information Architecture

The foundation for a well-built website starts with the basics. The information it will contain defines pathways that make it easy-to-navigate for the best User Experience. The goal - minimize clicks and maximize opportunities for data collection, analytics, interactivity, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

Strategy and Planning

It can start with a fresh idea for presenting your company, products, or services. Or rely on a time-tested solution as a better option. In either case, our experience can help determine the best ways to develop your website based on solid logic and proven development solutions.

Copy Writing & Content Development

We tell your story in ways that connect with your customers - new and existing. The right words. As few as possible. Images that speak volumes. Well-crafted headlines. Engaging copy that leads, informs, and communicates who you are - written in ways that appeal to search engines.

Site Map and Wireframing

This is where a website begins to take shape. Form follows function, leading to design innovation, and determines where content will reside. Everything in its proper place. These are the guidelines that will serve as the blueprint for the design and development process.